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1. What is SIMI?
SIMI is a business whose mission is to facilitate the investment process in opportunities present in Italy on behalf of Institutional investors, from every part of the world - Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia.

2. Who are the Institutional Investors for SIMI?
The category of Institutional Investors includes, Real Estate Funds, Private Equity funds, Hotel Chains, Merchant Banks, Pension Funds, Real Estate companies, S.G.R., etc intending to purchase and/or sell durable goods located on Italian soil, usually with a minimum value of 10M euro, and who are looking to discover the various investment opportunities present in Italy.

3. In what sectors does SIMI operate?
SIMI operates in 3 different sectors:
-Real estate
-Private Equity
-Renewable Energy

4. What services does SIMI offer?
SIMI offers detailed information, both technical and economic, for each individual investment opportunity, and provides information on each opportunity to its institutional investors who are legally accredited. All the information is anonymous and summarized in investment files. Giving the investor a detailed panorama of the opportunity the investment offers, to help him evaluate the portfolio. The services offered are associated with secondary companies, with whom SIMI collaborates as well as Professional studies ( Real estate value estimate, Company value estimate, etc)

5. What are the minimum prerequisites the assets have to reach to be represented in an investment File?
In the category Real estate, the asset needs to have a minimum value of 10 million euro. In the category of private equity the companies are medium capital companies, with sales between 5 and 50 million euro. In the category of Renewable Energy, the projects for industrial or commercial development, do not have a minimum investment amount, but have to respect the fact that development occurs on Italian territory.

6. Who is allowed to view the investment files on the assets?
SIMI allows free viewing of the investment files exclusively to institutional investors, legally registered, who professionally invest in hard goods. (see paragraph 31 consob. rules n. 11522/98)

7. What are the advantages to the owners or legal representatives?
SIMI’s international network is available to the owners and representatives of the assets. The main advantage is the vast number of potential buyers from an international setting, who are reached effectively, even compared to large well known networks. In the list of potential buyers, also included are Italian Institutional Investors.

8. What is the advantage for Institutional Investors?
SIMI, by identifying the profile of the investment interests declared by each company when registering, indicates to each investor the opportunities matching their profile of interests. To such investors SIMI indicates each new entry that matches their investment targets. Investing on Italian soil becomes more fluid, transparent, immediate and fast.

9. I am the owner or representative of an asset. Can I promote it with SIMI?
SIMI offers the opportunity to list your asset in the data base as long as it meets the investment requirements. The minimum condition for listing a publication being having a legal title of ownership or a sellers mandate.

10. What mechanisms will guarantee information regarding the sale of my asset remains private?
SIMI is very aware of the need for privacy by those interested in selling property and assets, without the news spreading. To accommodate this need, specific files have been provided as anonymous files and impossible to decode by the value of the asset or the title, but able to offer the investor the necessary elements to evaluate the asset. Only after an investor formally shows interest, and the seller accepts, SIMI may offer the opportunity to view the investment in its totality, putting public all the information available to facilitate the sale.

11. If I have a specific investment target I did not find on SIMI, can I contact you to help me find it?
Yes, SIMI, has a network of contacts which can quickly be located on the market with the required characteristics. In this case SIMI functions exclusively with an explorative mandate, with fee applicable only upon successful completion of the transaction, and regularly underwritten by the potential buyer.

12. If I am interested in purchasing an asset, can SIMI help me with legal and financial assistance during the operation?
Yes. SIMI uses for its own business a number of partners, even financial, chosen to guarantee the most complete offer possible.


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